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Separation Preparation:
A one-time service that will ease your worries (and likely save time, money and stress).  


I am Caroline Felstiner, a social worker, mediator, collaborative professional, mother, and scuba diver. For a dozen years, I have guided families through the separation process with warmth, compassion and focus. Let me help you get started. 

About Me

Separation Preparation

Starting off with the right information can save save money and stress.

Starting a separation can be scary or overwhelming. Caroline offers a one-time SEPARATION PREPARATION service to Ontario spouses who are beginning the separation process.  Using her dozen years of experience, knowledge, and clear language Caroline will answer your most pressing questions. During the appointment you can learn about ways to negotiate or reach a settlement;  how to find the right lawyer, how to tell your children; where to get legal or parenting information; or ask questions specific to your family's unique circumstances. You are under no obligation to hire Caroline as your mediator or collaborative professional. We both know that this is a one-time opportunity without any longer-term expectations. If one spouse participates the hour and half appointment costs $350 plus HST. If both spouses participate in the two-hour appointment fee is $425 plus HST. An extended health insurance plan may cover the fees. 

If you want to know more about my mediation or collaborative law services look here 


"The only stupid question is the one you don't ask. 

  Ramon Bautista

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